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2013 ~ 2010

201309Participation in 2013 Inno-Tech Show Exhibition

08New Sensor Technology has been creating for HARS with ID image-recognition software

07Supply Lotto Scanner Control board 1,000qtys to Brazil

06New Sensor Module has been developing for QuantumScan

201209Release USB Extension Solution (HSIT-MUS)

08Supply ID Scanner 4,500qtys to Korea Government Organization

05Supply Lotto Scanner Control board 6,200qtys to Brazil

201109Exported A6 Lotto Scanner Control Board 7,000qtys in Europe

05Release Card Deposit Cartridge

201010Exported Lotto Scanner Control Board 15,000qtys in Eastern Europe

Supply ID Scanner 3,500Qtys to Korea Bank

201008TTA Certified ID Card Detection System with the provision of Article 13 of the Guide on Certification of

IT Product and Equipment (TTA-C-S-10-003)

03Release A6 Lottery Scanner Controller

2009 ~ 2006

200912Exported Lotto Scanner Control Board 10,000qtys in Eastern Europe

10Release of HSIT-SB200 and OCR Recognition on the Trailer Ticket

05Release A4 High Speed Scanner (HSIT-200B)

200805Exported A6 Lotto Scanner Control Board 2,000qtys in Europe

200708Awarded for Business Technology Innovation and Certified as INNOBIZ Company

200608Supply ATM Scanner Module to Korea Bank

05Started to provide EZcaller 30,000qtys to English language institute

Release of X-ray Image Grabber Board

2005 ~ 2003

200512Registered Factory & Venture

11Release of ID Card Scanner (HSIT-ID600)

09Obtain a patent on the High Speed Scanning (No. 0517892) and register on the Korean Intellectual

Property Office

08Supply Lotto Scanner Control board 45,000qtys to Brazil

200312Release of USB Insight (USB protocol analyzer)

11Registered Venture Company

05Established R&D Center

03Release of EZcaller

2002 ~ 2001

200211Register a Samsung Electronics Co-operative company

200111Release of USB Development Toolkit

09Inauguration of company and release of Lotto Scan Module